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#Our History
From bean to cup, or how
Etno Cafe was created
Etno Cafe is a brand that has been present on the market for 9 years already. We have been gradually expanding our activities in delivering delicious coffee to become one of the most recognizable coffee brands in the country, and soon abroad as well. Today, Etno Cafe is a broadly understood coffee concept, which includes our:
Coffee roastery
Craft coffee roastery - one of the largest in Poland.
Coffee roastery
Craft coffee roastery - one of the largest in Poland.
Coffee brewery
The first coffee brewery in Poland and our own brand of macerated Cold Brew Coffee.
Coffee shop chain
The most dynamically developing Polish chain of cafes.
The idea worked
Opening of the coffee roastery
It all started with a coffee roastery, and roasting for small offices, cafes and restaurants. Then, we went further, we wanted to have full control over the process. We already imported green beans, we roasted them ourselves, but the taste is also about the way of brewing freshly roasted coffee...
#How We Work
We cooperate, support and train
In business, we do not tell fortunes, but focus on relationships and shared values. Then, the cooperation is only a cup of coffee away. This is how many products are made that contain Etno Cafe coffee:
Organique cosmetics
Coffee cooperative - Wrocławski Wypał
beer at Browar Stu Mostów
coffee beans in chocolate from Doti
We stick together with coffee people and artistic circles, creating unforgettable moments and events together. We cooperate with such cultural initiatives as:
Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa
OFF Festival
Męskie Granie
Watch Docs
The whole adventure starts with a bean. But it only gets more interesting. Discover new versions of your favorite coffee by choosing the method of brewing, grind size, brewing techniques and even the water used to create it. We know how to do it. We have already conducted over 100 coffee workshops in our cafes and other friendly spaces. We have already trained 7000 home baristas who continue to bring the good coffee tidings by turning a simple coffee into a morning ritual.
We take care of what is most important to us
In harmony with yourself and in harmony with nature
We focus on synergy between all branches of our business, creating a unique combination of coffee roastery, coffee brewery, and a coffee shop chain. We look for our own path in each field. We constantly improve our skills and cooperate with the best in these disciplines. We try to stay ahead of the market to always be one “sip” ahead of the others.
We like our little homeland. We try to connect the local market through many initiatives, working closely with the city of Wrocław. Together, we have launched a cooperative associating Wrocław coffee roasters under the name Wrocławski Wypał. We have created an offer of joint sets of products and organized a real festival, where the taste of various beans was mixed with the enthusiasm and energy of the entire local coffee community.
We also care about our local environment. Literally. Step by step, we are switching to greener solutions, both in our cafes and in the production chain. We are trying to create a real coffee ecosystem with a closed circuit: one with 100% waste management. We establish partnerships that enable us to do the following:
We give the parchment coffee husk to farmers as compost to fertilize their fields.
Monkeys from the Wrocław zoo willingly make use of our jute bags.
Together with the Organique brand, we have created a soap with coffee silverskin and a DIY coffee scrub: “drink coffee in the morning, use coffee grounds in the evening”.
We use paper made of ground corn waste, as well as of sugar cane take-away packaging.
Join our Etno Cafe family
Dreaming about your own coffee shop? Or maybe you just want to work being surrounded by coffee? You can add energy to each cup of coffee served in our company, inspire ideas, transform beans into properly roasted coffee, add bean to bean in accounting, or...
There are as many options as there are coffee beans in our roasting machines - which really means a lot! Furthermore, we work in good company - simply great people and coffee. See who Etno Cafe is calling for right now!
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