About Etno

Do you want to know how it all started?

1. It started like that. The fruit ripened on a friendly grower’s arabica trees.


2. They no longer wanted to hang on the coffee tree, and preferred to be independent. For the benefit of humanity, we helped them a little and meticulously picked every cherry. By hand.


3. Some cherries passed their time resting and drying on the patio, while others took a relaxing bath.

4. All this effort to get rid of what was left of the fruit from the bean by either dry or wet processing method.

5. The green bean properly dressed up for the occasion and prepared for his ship cruise to the port where it could meet all the other beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Nicaragua, and discover it was not the only green seed in the world.


6. Next, the seed got to the roastery and took some rest after the long journey, enjoying the best possible conditions for aging.


7. Soon, our roaster Krzych took proper care of them. Read more about
it on the website of our Coffee Roastery



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