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About Coffee and coffee beans

  • Coffee
    We burn our coffee in the so-called mastering of the smoking process: without haste, with attention and passion.
  • Etno Cafe
    Freshly roasted premium quality coffee delivered from many regions of the world, from the highest quality 100% Arabica beans.
  • Wroasters
    Coffee from the speciality segment. Short, limited series for real connoisseurs of coffee, for brewing using alternative methods. more
  • Cold Brew
    Macerated coffee that we produce in our own coffee brewery. A real boost of energy and refreshment.


Back to the roots

Have you ever wondered what the process of making coffee looks like? A drink that accompanies you every day in business meetings, socializing or as a great companion on a pleasant afternoon with a book in hand? Coffee grain is a long way to go, and many people are involved in its processing. Each stage of preparing coffee is extremely important.

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We import green coffee, and then smoke it and sell it in Poland.

Our story began with friendship ...

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