Cold Brew Coffee

You are currently looking at a bottle of Cold Brew Coffee by Etno Cafe. It has been brewed cold from 100% Arabica beans.

It makes a perfect choice for when you need a refreshment, a caffeine boost, an alternative from fizzy drinks or if you are looking for an interesting, new flavour. It tastes best served cold.

What makes our Cold Brew Coffee special?
– Lower acidity than in a traditionally brewed coffee
– Higher caffeine content than in an average energy drink
– High antioxidant content
– Low in calories (classic version 2 kcal/100ml)

Cold Brew Sp. z o.o. is the first Polish cold brewery which produces cold brew drinks on a large scale. Similar products can be found in cafes across Europe, yet, their expiry dates are short due to a different production process. Our Cold Brew Coffee has been carefully crafted so that, when bottled, the flavour remains the same and the expiry date is long (four months). Cold Brew Coffee drink is the result of a research and development project initiated in 2014 by our company and the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences. What distinguishes our product amongst other cold brew
drinks is the way it was first created. We picked the sensory profile of our Cold Brew drink by testing a range of tastes and aromas on hundreds of people. Their most favourite profile became the basis for our cold brew recipes.

Cold brew drink originates from the USA, where it is sold on a mass scale in bottles, cans and kegs. The US cold brew market saw an increase of 580% between the years 2011-2016. The ‘Ready to Drink Coffee’ market is estimated to be worth $2 bln and it is believed that it might increase to $3.6 bln by the year 2020 (according to Mintel & Euromonitor International). A few years later, we are experiencing a similar growth
of the cold brew market in Europe.

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