About Us

Our story began with a friendship…

In 1976, the Hamda family established their coffee plantation in Ethiopia.
Many years later, a fresh PhD student and employee of the Jagiellonian University,
their descendant came to Europe. One autumn evening, he “had just came back”, invited us for coffee that he “had just brought” because “it was a cold day”. It sounded promising — pure Arabica from the Ethiopian Highlands. This coffee was love at first sight.
The friendship and long conversations over coffee resulted in the establishment of the first Polish-Ethiopian coffee importing company in Poland. This is how Etno Cafe came to be. Our passion for coffee has led us to completely new territories. Apart from Ethiopian beans, Etno Cafe now roasts varieties from Rwanda, Kenya, El Salvador, Papua New Guinea and Brazil – more specifically from Bruno Souza, because we know all our growers personally.


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