Coffee Roastery

Etno Cafe coffee roastery is a unique place on the map of Wroclaw, and a home to the freshly roasted Ethiopian beans, rich in citrus overtones, as well as the more delicate Brazilian varieties. The Ethiopian coffee comes directly from our Ethiopian partner Natnael Hamda, while the Brazilian variety was presented to us by Bruno Souza, a friendly descendent of the 4th generation of coffee saga.

But it is here, on Grabiszyńska street, where the roasters Krzysiek and Krzysiek, turn the green beans into freshly roasted coffee. It wouldn’t be possible without a roaster, in fact two roasters, which do the coffee-making magic in low temperatures to differentiate the smoking profile, and slowly extract rich aromas from the beans. And then the magic continues. The beans, once ready, are packed, and leave the roastery to meet you in your city. Talking is so much better over a cup of good coffee.

Etno Cafe and Wroasters coffee is roasted coffee made with respect for beans from friendly growers, and a lot of work and passion that brings the best out of coffee. Its aroma.
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Coffee roastery – freshly roasted coffee in Wroclaw

ul. Grabiszyńska235 B, Wrocław, Polska