Café is just coffee, a slice of cake and a comfy couch? Or is it? Let us present to you our new face.

Etno Cafe is a café with a coffee roaster at the heart of it.

Etno Café represents a return to the roots, to relentless dedication to the product.
What does it really mean?
We select the plantation, import the green beans and roast then in our own Wrocław roastery. If you ask the roaster, he will say it all boils down to the… artisan roasting process, masterful sorcery used to extract the original potential from each bean.

We are crazy about coffee. With a grinder full of freshly roasted beans in the hand, we are there for you to serve your first cup: the one for your breakfast, the one for your lunch salad, the one for the delicious cake, or just the one for the evening, the black “dot” at the end of the day.

We are waiting. Check where we are:

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Will you come?
You are welcome.